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Doctor software version V6.4

New Doctor version V6.4 FREE UPGRADE now available

Over the past two years Diesel Doctor Version 6 software has been enthusiastically received by engineers worldwide benefitting from the user-friendly advanced engine analysis tools. Icon Research is delighted to announce the latest version V6.4 of the software which is a free upgrade for existing version 6 users offering many new features and improvements:

  • Doctor software version V6.4New engine performance reports
  • Improved propeller curve analysis now included in Diagnostic 6 software option
  • Faster operation
  • New extensive demonstration library
  • Enhanced ISO normalisation and SFC calculations
  • Expanded scalar list now sorted alphabetically with tooltip descriptions
  • Compression curve projections to estimate TDC angle
  • More flexibility in default folder selection
  • Simpler activation for multi-account users

As for prevision revisions, V6.4 is offered in three options but the Propeller Curve Analysis has been moved from the Shop/Sea trial option to the Diagnostic option. The three software options are now:

  1. Doctor software version V6.4Standard 6
  2. Diagnostic 6 (Includes Propeller Curve Analysis)
  3. Shop/Sea Trial 6

Click here to download Doctor version V6.4 software

We recommend that version V6.4 is downloaded and installed throughout your organisation.

Please note that if you have not done so already you will need to register to access downloads. This requires you to enter your own user ID and password. You do not require anything from Icon to do this.

After download, unzip the file and run the installation file. This will overwrite your existing program. All data stored will remain intact. You do not require to re-enter license key or have software re-activated.

Click here for further information on the new features in version V6.4 software.