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The companies’ product lines are in two main areas.  The first is the Doctor diesel analysis system.  This comprises a portable or permanently mounted online unit for measuring cylinder pressure on large diesel engines, mainly in the marine market.

The data measured is processed on a PC using Icons analysis software. Essential information can be obtained about the condition of an engine including poor power balance, excessive fuel consumption, injector problems and leaking valves and piston rings.

The Doctor software includes comprehensive engine analysis features.  The Doctor is regarded as one of the leading instruments of its type due to its proven accuracy, reliability and quality of the analysis software.

The second product segment is targeted at condition monitoring of rotating plant.  A variety of vibration based data acquisition units are available that communicate via both ethernet LAN and wireless WLAN.  The hardware is supported by a range of software applications including the Guardian suite.  Many of Icons hardware offerings are badge labelled by other organisations.

Doctor Portable

The DK-20 is the latest doctor portable diesel engine analyser from Icon Research.

Doctor On-line

The DK-200 Engine Surveillance system is the latest innovation from Icon Research.

Wireless Monitoring

Provides wireless and ethernet multi-channel vibration monitoring on standard networks.

Installed Systems

Vibration data acquisition system. The ITA-1 is a 16 Channel Ethernet Data Acquisition Node designed for vibration-related measurement applications.

Monitoring Software

Guardian vibration monitoring software is a fully-featured condition monitoring software package for rotating machinery and other types of plant.

WiVib Condition Monitoring

A family of miniature machine monitoring devices that measure a range of vibration and temperature parameters.

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