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ITA-100 Series On-Line Vibration Data Acquisition Systems

The ITA-100 series comprises two high performance data acquisition systems for vibration-based measurement applications.  The ITA-110 is a 16 channel multiplexed unit for low-cost machinery surveillance while the ITA-120 has 8 simultaneous channels for high speed complex machinery monitoring.  Both devices are on the same mecahnical format and have common communication features.

Both devices can accommodate standard IEPE accelerometers with an independent accelerometer power source per channel.  Alternatively, input channels can be configured as DC or AC coupled inputs by jumper setting.  This allows accelerometers with temperature output to be connected directly to the units enabling vibration, bearing condition and bearing temperature to be measured.

Bandwidths up to 40kHz are accommodated with 24-bit resolution.  Flexible trigger and tacho functions are available, enabling pre- and post-trigger and order analysis to be performed. The gated acquisition is available ensuring that readings are taken when a machine is running.  The simultaneous sampling features of the ITA-120 enables multiple orbit traces to be gathered.

Both devices communicate over a standard 100BaseT Ethernet LAN or via 802.11b/g/n WLAN network.  Enclosures sealed to IP66/Nema4X with power supply are available.

The ITA-100 series replaces the ITA-1 which has been the workhorse data acquisition unit for many monitoring applications with thousands installed around the world.


With 24-bit resolution, long time records and sample rates up to 102.4kHz (allowing up to 40kHz spectrum bandwidths), the ITA-100 series can satisfy virtually all of your data acquisition requirements.  Real-time data streaming is available, the rate being determined by the bandwidth of the network rather than the sampling rate of the ITA unit.   On-board HFE (high frequency enveloping) bearing monitoring is built-in on both variants.  Both units feature high roll-off anti-aliasing filters, whil the ITA-110 incorporates programmable high-pass filters and integrator.

Two digital trigger inputs are provided, with any trigger channel being linked to any input channel. Triggers can also be configured to operate as tachometer inputs, PLL’s for ordered spectra, and gates for conditional initiation of measurements.

The power supply voltage is nominal 24Vdc but any voltage in the range 10-30Vdc can be accomodated.  The devices are very low power consuming a small number of watts when fully loaded.  Enclosures include a universal power supply operating in the range 100-240Vac.

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