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ITA-1 On-Line Vibration Data Acquisition System

Vibration data acquisition system. The ITA-1 is a 16 Channel Ethernet Data Acquisition Node designed for vibration-related measurement applications. 5. The node features 16 individual IEPE supplies to power standard accelerometers, as well as AC/DC coupling options. Four programmable HP filters and hardware integrator are incorporated, as well as full anti-aliasing filters. Bearing condition can be measured using the onboard demodulator function. Accelerometer integrity can be verified on-demand using the bias voltage check feature.

Flexible trigger and tacho functions are available, enabling pre and post-trigger and order analysis to be performed. The gated acquisition is available ensuring that readings are taken when a machine is running.

The data acquisition node communicates via a standard 10BaseT Ethernet interface and supports UDP/IP and TCP/IP protocols. It comes in an IP66/NEMA4X enclosure with power supply.

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Installed Vibration Data Acquisition System


The ITA-1 incorporates sixteen multiplexed dynamic channel inputs for machinery surveillance. Each channel has an independent IEPE power supply. Alternatively, input channels can be configured as DC or AC coupled inputs by jumper setting.

This allows accelerometers with temperature output to be connected directly to the units enabling vibration, bearing condition and bearing temperature to be measured.

Measurement routes can be stored internally so that the devices steps through a pre-defined sequence of measurements, reducing host computer overhead.

Bandwidths up to 20kHz are accommodated with spectral resolution up to 12800.

The ITA-1 has been the workhorse data acquisition unit for many monitoring applications with many thousands installed around the globe.


Four digital trigger inputs are provided, with any trigger channel being linked to any input channel. Triggers can also be configured to operate as tachometer inputs, PLL’s for ordered spectra, and gates for conditional initiation of measurements.


A universal power supply operating in the range 100-240Vac is provided. Alternatively, the unit can be supplied directly from a 24Vdc low voltage supply.

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