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Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is well-proven method that increases the uptime and reliablity of key items of machinery, as well as reducing the likelihood of unexpected outages and reducing maintenance costs.  The overarching principle of condition monitoring revolves around the ability to assess and analyse equipment status, and catch developing issues before they become a problem that affects plant output.  Constant innovation and new technologies drive this niche sector forward, and Icon Research is at the forefront with its innovative online, wireless and software products.

Machinery Condition Monitoring Solutions

Wireless Monitoring

Miniature wireless machinery monitoring sensor measures triaxial vibration, bearing condition and temperature.

Installed Systems

Online vibration data acquisition systems. The ITA-100 series offers multichannel muliplexed and simultaneous data acquisition for vibration-related measurement applications.

Monitoring Software

WiVibXTrend vibration monitoring software is a fully-featured condition monitoring software package for rotating machinery and other types of plant.