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Diesel Engine Analysis

Diesel Engine Analysis | Engine Condition Monitoring

Icon Research has specialised in diesel engine analysis for over 30 years. In that time we have developed instruments and processes that are world-renowned in the shipping propulsion and on-shore power generation markets.
Our Doctor DK portable and online systems have constantly raised the bar with innovative analytic and diagnostic features, with many ‘firsts’ in the market.  Reliability is such that many of the instruments supplied over 20 years ago are still serving their purpose today.  Regular software updates ensure that systems are always up-to-date.  Our systems are easy to install and, in shipping, are designed for crew install to reduce costs, helped by our online setup service.  Please take a look at our Doctor systems below to appreciate the unique benefits.

Doctor Portable

The DK-20 is the latest doctor portable diesel engine analyser from Icon Research.

Doctor On-line

The DK-200 Engine Surveillance system combines high speed, high accuracy data acquisition with powerful, easy-to-use software.