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Diesel Engine Analysis

Diesel Engine Analysis | Engine Condition Monitoring

Icon Research specialises in diesel engine analysis and have developed world-renown tools and processes to do so. Not only is our Diesel Engine Analysis equipment highly regarded within our sector, but it has been extensively tested and refined over the many years that we have been making both hardware and software solutions.

Our Doctor Portable and Doctor Online system have raised the bar and provided innovative and break-through solutions that are pioneering the field of diesel engine analysis. And while it is a premium product, you’ll find no difficulty with integrating it with the rest of your systems. In fact, installation is so straightforward that is can often be carried out by the ship crew. All you need to do is follow the detailed installation guide and you will have your professional diesel engine analysis system up and running in no time. Please feel free to take a look at our Doctor Portable systems below to find out what its unique benefits are.