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About Icon Research

Leader in machinery and engine monitoring

Icon Research supplies instrumentation and software for monitoring of large machinery both rotating and reciprocating. Icon embraces the concept of integrated machinery monitoring as part of an overall reliability strategy to ensure maximum efficiency and availability of key plant. The net result is optimum performance of key assets, minimisation of unforeseen breakdowns, reductions in costly downtime and saving in maintenance bills.

Icon is a global company whose markets include shipping, power generation, utilities and offshore. Over 80% of the companies’ products are exported outside the UK with the US being the largest market.

The Company

Formed in 1993, the company is based outside Edinburgh in Scotland. 

This innovative Scottish company develops exciting new solutions for the monitoring of rotating and reciprocating machinery.

Our Team

  • James Edgar – Managing Director
  • James Fraser – Product Manager
  • Amanda Ritchie – Sales and Purchasing
  • Brian Shankland – Software
  • James Stuart – Production


The companies’ product lines are in two main areas.  The first is the Doctor diesel analysis system.  This comprises a portable or permanently mounted online unit for measuring cylinder pressure on large diesel engines, mainly in the marine market. 

The data measured is processed on a PC using Icons analysis software. Essential information can be obtained about the condition of an engine including poor power balance, excessive fuel consumption, injector problems and leaking valves and piston rings.

The Doctor software includes comprehensive engine analysis features.  The Doctor is regarded as one of the leading instruments of its type due to its proven accuracy, reliability and quality of the analysis software. 

The second product segment is targeted at condition monitoring of rotating plant.  A variety of vibration based data acquisition units are available that communicate via both ethernet LAN and wireless WLAN.  The hardware is supported by a range of software applications including the Guardian suite.  Many of Icons hardware offerings are badge labelled by other organisations.    

Icon Research believe that:

  • We understand the needs of customers and the needs of the industry
  • We take an innovative approach to providing new solutions and improvements to existing techniques
  • We harness available technologies and use them constructively in building these solutions

Our philosophy is that, to be a market leader you need to be able to merge all of the above to offer solutions that make a difference to customers. We believe in offering our customers what they really want – not what we would like them to have. We invite you to speak to us and see for yourself.

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