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Leader in machinery and engine monitoring

About Icon Research

Icon Research supplies instrumentation and software for monitoring of large machinery, both rotating and reciprocating.  For over 30 years, Icon has pioneered new technologies and techniques to enhance the practicality of the machinery monitoring industry, and introduced methodologies that lower costs and make systems easier to use and install.  These include novel wired and wireless data acquisition systems and innovative software techniques.

Icon is a global company whose markets include shipping, power generation, utilities and offshore. Over 80% of the companies’ products are exported outside the UK with the US being the largest market.

The Company

Formed in 1992, the company is based outside Edinburgh in Scotland where it enjoys the company of experienced electronic subcontract organisations and a healthy network of entrepreneurs.

The spirit of innovation in the area has enabled this Scottish company to develop exciting new solutions for the monitoring of rotating and reciprocating machinery.

We believe that …

  • We must understand the needs of our customers and the needs of the industry
  • We must take an innovative approach to providing new solutions and improvements to existing techniques
  • We must harness available technologies and use them constructively in building these solutions


Our philosophy is that, to be a market leader, you need to be able to merge all of the above to offer solutions that make a difference to customers.  We believe in offering our customers what they really want – not what we would like them to have.