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WiVib X Wireless Sensor

The WiVib X from Icon Research is a miniature machine monitoring device that measures triaxial vibration, bearing condition and temperature on rotating and reciprocating plant.  It operates standalone or communicates via a standard gateway using Bluetooth BLE for reliable connectivity and long range.  The gateway interfaces to standard ethernet and wifi networks.

Its wide frequency response, good sensitivity range and powerful processing features combine to produce a device with outstanding performance.  Overall vibration levels and high resolution time and spectral waveforms are available.

The WiVib X can communicate directly with an Android based application that turns the tablet into a powerful spectrum analyser.  Or multiple devices can operate on a network with gateways to provide a fully featured online monitoring system using the WiVibXTrend PC-based software application.

This powerful device can be powered from a field-replaceable standard battery with life expectancy up to 5 years.


The WiVibX can operate as a standalone device that communicates with a smart Android device, or via gateways where virtually any number can be deployed as a fixed online monitoring system under the control of a host application running on a PC.  The WiVib X itself operates on the Bluetooth BLE standard.

The device incorporates a MEMS triaxial sensor together with temperature sensor.  The on-board HFE (high frequency enveloper) demodulation function provides bearing condition monitoring.  Spectra up to 3200 lines are catered for.  Frequency response is nominally flat to 6kHz but with a useable range up to 10kHz while maximum acceleration measurement range is +/-16g.

The WiVib X comes in two mounting options, namely fixed mount where the device screws onto a standard 1/4″ accelerometer stud, or swivel mount where the device can be rotated when mounted to allow alignment of the Y-axis with the machine shaft.  The device is 80mm (3.1″) high and 27mm (1.1″) diameter.

The WiVib X operates from an internal field replaceable 2/3 AA litium battery (3V nominal).  A CR123A battery from Duracell and other manufacturers, available from local stores, is a good choice.  For low temperature operation a Saft LS17330 battery is recommended.

WiVib X Support

The WiVib X is supported by additional software and hardware utilities for walkabout and online applications.

  • WIVibX Scope – a utility that runs on an Android tablet and turns enabling time and spectral waveforms to be observed in real time, together with triaxial vibration overalls and temperature readout.  The application scans for available WiVib X’s and you can then select the device that you wish to connect to.
  • WiVibXTrend – a fully featured online condition monitoring  software package that runs on a Windows™ PC.  A user-definable hierarchy enables both small and factory-wide installations to be easily configured.  Trending, alarming and archiving are provided together with high resolution time and spectrum waveforms for detailed analysis.
  • WiVib X Gateway – this gateway communicates with up to 20 WiVib X devices, handling data acquisition, buffering and passing data over a company-wide LAN or WLAN backbone.  Any number of gateways can exist on a network enabling unlimited expansion capability.

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