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Vibration Monitoring Software

Icon Research provides a range of software applications to support its hardware products.  Some users will be familiar with the Guardian condition monitoring software which has now been discontinued and replaced with applications that support the wireless and online product lines.  In summary these are :

WiVibXTrend – a feature-rich application for carrying out online plant monitoring using WiVb X wireless sensors.  The package offers the full suite of condition monitoring requirements including scheduled and on-demand data acquistion, trending, alarming and data archiving.  High resolution time and spectrum displays are available for detailed machine analysis.

WiVibXScope – a powerful utility that turns an Android tablet into a real-time spectrum analyser allowing triaxial overall values, time waveforms and spectra to be observed.  Temperature is also monitored.  The app scans for available WiVib X sensors and lets you choose which one you want to monitor.

ITAScope – a PC-based application that allows data from ITA-110 and ITA-120 units to be observed in real time.  Multi-channel time and spectral displays are available and all the functions of the ITA-100 series units can be utilised.

ITATrendLite – a PC-based application that allows all the basic functionality of a plant-wide online monitoring package to be realised using both ITA-110 and ITA-120 units.

Refer to the Support & Downloads section for further information and free downloads of some packages.



WiVibXTrend Features

The WiVibXTrend application has been designed to monitor plant with the minimum amount of operator involvement and intervention.  Triaxial vibration readings together with temperatures are logged from a network of WiVib X sensors.  Overall plant status can be seen by simply glancing at the “traffic light” display at the foot of the screen.  Points that are in alert or alarm are highlighted in the hierarchy panel.  Any excursion outside pre-set alarm limits are reported immediately.  A display of overall vibration and temperature values increments in real time, similar to a chart recorder display.

Measurement points can be selected in and out of the trend display with pan and zoom controls on the time window.  A mouse click brings up a measurement spectrum or time domain trace for further analysis.

Once a potential problem has been identified on a machine, the next question is inevitably “How long can we leave it running?”  This is where trending comes in.

The rate of deterioration can be assessed, and comparisons made with previous occurrences on this, and other machines.  Flexible comparison and overlay facilities are available.

High resolution time and spectral traces can be displayed and overlaid for multiple measurements.  This includes comparison with other machines or comparisons with historical data on the same machine.  A “snapshot” can be taken of a particular point or points to observe latest data.

Configuration of a WiVibXTrend system is carried out in two steps, namely specifying the sensor/gateway topography, and specifying the measurement parameters for each sensor.

Setting up the network configuration is carried out by a smart device (phone or tablet) that communicates with the on-board web server in each gateway.  Gateways can be enabled onto a LAN or WLAN network and sensors allocated to a particular gateway.

Once the network is configured, detailed measurement parameters and scheduling of when devices should take those measurements can then be specified.  This is carried out in the SETUP screen of the application.  Overall system preferences are also defined at this stage together with alert/alarm limits for each measurement.  The gateway configuration is always available when carrying out measurement setup so that the whole system can be observed during this process.

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