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Guardian Monitoring Software | Vibration Monitoring Software

Guardian vibration monitoring software is a fully-featured condition monitoring software package for rotating machinery and other types of plant. It can handle both dynamic measurements, typically vibration monitoring, and process measurements such as temperatures and pressures. The vibration monitoring software operates with Icon Research range of data acquisition networked hardware to provide a highly flexible distributed data acquisition system.

The Guardian -vibration monitoring software – application includes all the common functions for plant monitoring, including alarming, trending, analysis and data archiving.

The visual interface is entirely mimic driven, giving a clear indication of plant status at a glance. A simple hierarchy and intuitive controls, combine to set new standards in ease-of-use. Making this vibration monitoring software easier to use than ever before. 
Mimics and the internal database are easily modified allowing a straightforward upgrade path from a handful of points to hundreds. An application at a paper mill is shown below.

Guardian Monitoring Software
Guardian Monitoring Software
Guardian Monitoring Software
Guardian Monitoring Software
Guardian Monitoring Software
Guardian Monitoring Software

Simple User Interface

The Guardian application has been designed to monitor plant with the minimum amount of operator involvement and intervention. Overall plant status can be seen by simply glancing at the front screen mimic. Any excursion outside pre-set alarm limits are reported immediately, and these are acknowledged and cleared as required. All system activity is automatically recorded in a log so that a complete history of plant operation is maintained. Operators can even enter their own notes and observations.

The “traffic light” display at the foot of the screen shows the status of all measurement points. If a point goes into alert or alarm, that portion of the mimic changes colour accordingly, thus giving clear and unambiguous reporting of machine problems.

A mouse click brings up a measurement screen that provides further details of the highlighted problem. Here, it is possible to tell whether a problem is, for example, shaft or bearing related. It pinpoints the precise area of the machine needing to be looked at. If several alerts or alarms have occurred simultaneously, these can be reviewed in turn.


Once a problem has been identified on a machine, the next question is inevitably “How long can we leave it running?” This is where trending comes in.

The rate of deterioration can be assessed, and comparisons made with previous occurrences on this, and other machines. Flexible comparison and overlay facilities are available.

Further Analysis

Additional analysis tools are available to determine the exact cause of a problem. Full time and spectral analysis displays can be called up with the ability to overlay and compare with other historical data.

It is also possible to go “live” to any point on the system and see time/spectral updates in real time. This is especially useful where machine parameters are changing, such as speed and load.

Guardian Visual Designer

Guardian Visual Designer is a software tool that enables Guardian users to generate mimic-based applications to suit the plant that they wish to monitor.

It provides a step-by-step pathway for:

  • Generation of mimics;
  • Configuration of database;
  • Configuration of network and data acquisition intervals;
  • Setting up of options for email transmission, relay control and Modbus interfaces;
  • Automatic setup of web server facility.

Visual Designer enables users with basic computer knowledge to produce a complete Guardian application without the need for specialist programming or database knowledge.  For example, the mimic hierarchies are manipulated using File Manager controls with which any computer user will be familiar, and the mimics themselves are edited using graphic-editor style controls. 

Network scan rates are easily adjusted to control network loading and to prioritise the scanning of critical machines.  Web functions are updated automatically.  At the end of the design process, a Verify function checks for any inconsistencies or omissions in the generated application, thus providing a virtually fault-free implementation first time!

The facility to view and edit multiple windows simultaneously on-screen provides a flexible design path for experimentation and fine-tuning. 

Visual Designer is equally suitable for the origination of a Guardian plant monitoring system, or the adjustment and expansion of an existing system.

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