New Doctor version V6.3 FREE UPGRADE now available

This message is to announce the release of the latest version of the Doctor version 6 software (6.3). It is recommended that the latest version be downloaded and installed. 

The latest version of Doctor Version 6 software (6.3) is now available for download here.

This is a free upgrade:

Version 6.3 can import or open any databases or logbooks produced by previous Version 5 or Version 6 software. However any logbooks or libraries or produces in Version 6.3 cannot be opened by previsions revisions of Doctor 6 software.

As such it is extremely important that version 6 is downloaded and installed throughout your organisation.

Please note that if you have not done so already you will need to register to access downloads. This requires you to enter your own user ID and password. You do not require anything from Icon to do this.

After download of software please install it by running the setup file. This will overwrite your existing programme. All data stored will remain intact. You do not require to re-enter license key or have software re-activated.

The new features in version 6.3 are:

1)           A new user-selectable “smoothing” filter has been implemented. This improves the analysis of traces where oscillations are observed, primarily during the combustion phase of the engine cycle. These oscillations are caused by acoustic resonance in the indicator valves. The filter results in the oscillations being reduce or removed and the peak pressure values being reported more accurately.

2)           Two new automatically measured engine parameters (scalars) are now available:

                Pcomp – Pressure at compression peak.

                Pdiff – Difference between maximum pressure and compression pressure.

3)           Further improvements have been made to the process of importing version 5 databases   into version 6.

4)           Clearer explanation of any difference in a logbook being imported and the existing library are now implemented.

5)           Screen layout enhancements have been made.

6)           An issue with report printing has been fixed.

7)           An issue when downloading results into a PC with non-English local settings is resolved.

8)           Miscellaneous bug-fixes.

As always questions or comments are welcome. Please send these to