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Doctor Tutorial Using V5

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Many engines are nowadays timed later in order to reduce NOx emissions. On 2‐strokes, it has been common for years to see a compression peak followed by a drop in pressure prior to ignition. This is now common on 4‐strokes as well, and often leads to confusion. In addition, it is now common to have...
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We are often asked why the Doctor system shows higher power figures than are seen on the output meter of an electric generator or a torque meter on a propeller shaft. The difference is due to losses in the engine and transmission system. This note explains these losses that reduce efficiency, ofte referred to as...
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To obtain accurate engine power figures from the Doctor system, it is vital that the TDC offset is adjusted accurately. This technical note describes how to carry out this adjustment. Before measurements are taken with the instrument, attention should be paid to the angular resolution that is being used. Higher angular resolution enables finer adjustment...
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