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Jim Fraser: My Career, so far, at Icon Research

My name is James (or Jim) Fraser – Product Manager at Icon Research.

LinkedIn recently reminded me of my seven-year “work anniversary” … With that in mind, I thought now would be a good time to reflect on my last few years at Icon.


Joining Icon

Previously, I’ve worked for huge companies consisting of tens of thousands of employees, so joining a small, dedicated team was brilliant.

As soon as I stepped through the door, it felt inspiring that everyone at Icon genuinely cared about providing products, services and ongoing support to loyal customers. The team’s ability to react quickly (and the absence of workplace politics!) was extremely refreshing.

Prior to Icon, I had not been involved with the shipping industry. My first impression, when interacting with customers, was actually how polite and friendly everyone is. Certainly, clients can be demanding and expect strong, rapid support – which we are proud to provide.

Clients, of course, simply want issues to be resolved quickly, which we always strive to achieve. However, when things are beyond our control, our clients are incredibly patient and understanding. I’m delighted to work alongside such a good bunch of people.


Managing Icon’s brilliant Diesel Doctor

My first task upon joining the team was to manage the well-established “Diesel Doctor” – Icon’s range of engine analysers. I was lucky to be mentored by John Roe, an industry legend, who ensured that I rose quickly up the learning curve.

The timing couldn’t have been better. When I started at Icon, the new DK-20 Engine Analyser and Version 6 Software had just been released. In late 2013, we launched the new system in Singapore – a brilliant opportunity for me to meet our customers there.

The products are excellent, and it soon became clear that Icon is held in high regard by its existing users, which makes the job easy. The Diesel Doctor provides many benefits to our clients, not least the peace of mind gained from their own knowledge of their engine performance.


The benefits of being part of a global community…

It’s been no great hardship for me to visit the main territories we operate in – Singapore, Cyprus, Scandinavia, Greece, amongst others – and I have made some good friends on my travels. This year has been very odd for everyone, but it feels strange not having been on an aeroplane since January.

It was fascinating getting to know the shipping industry – from massive containers, bulkers, tankers, naval vessels, reefers, cruise ships, ferries and tugs, right through to oil and gas support vessels.

When on-site at these vessels and power plants, it’s a privilege  to visit so many Engineers, Superintendents, Fleet Managers, Technical Directors and facilities. Whether it’s setting up our system or giving advice about the cause of engine issues, it’s always a rewarding experience.


My thoughts on the future of diesel engines

Shipping still makes the world go round. Diesel engines are still essential in power generation, whether for generators or backups for nuclear power stations.

Diesel engines are predominant in large vessels, and will be for many years, but we have recently seen a gradual move to dual-fuel and gas engines. We take our industry’s challenges seriously, such as meeting new targets for NOx / SOx emissions. Icon is a team full of proactive, innovative people. We are looking forward to continuing to help our customers deal with these challenges, whilst ensuring their engines are running efficiently and safely.



If you’re keen to learn more about our services and what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is always happy to help.

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