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10 Benefits of the WiVib Q Family

What are the Benefits of the WiVib Q Family?

The WiVib Q series from Icon Research is a group of machine monitoring devices that provides everything from vibration monitoring to temperature monitoring. They ensure that your machinery always runs the way it should, with minimal amounts of costly downtime.

In this blog, we explore the most important benefits of the WiVib range, which has become a mainstay in the condition monitoring field.

WiVib Uses the Latest Technology

Our WiVib devices use the latest MEMS sensors, which ensure reliable long-range measurements. This innovative technology is the backbone of all your accurate measurements, as the data is often comprised of intermittent measurements that are taken at regular intervals.

Lengthy Battery Life

If you’re measuring something important, you need to ensure that your sensors are always operational and reliable. A sensor’s Battery life is a big factor contributing to the reliability of measurements. This long-lasting battery life therefore includes a built-in power saving algorithm that lowers costs and maximises efficiency.

The battery life can last up to 5 years, providing you with the peace of mind you need to continue operating safely and efficiently.

Easy & Flexible Installation

Installing one of our condition monitoring sensors is a painless and seamless process. In fact, installation couldn’t be easier, as the sensor can be mounted onto a standard accelerometer.

Furthermore, sensors can be moved around or repositioned whenever required, which lowers installation costs even further. This makes it easier for your engineer to engage with the sensors while installing them in an optimal location. This provides corporations with the flexibility they need to operate in a highly-fluid environment.

Lastly, configuring a new system is incredibly simple, as it is done via either a PC or any other smart device.

Strong & Reliable

There are plenty of remote applications when it comes to condition monitoring. This often leads to unpredictable environmental factors that require measuring equipment to be resistant and sturdy. That is why the WiVib range has a rugged stainless-steel base with a sealed body that can operate in a wide temperature range, while withstanding an enormous amount of pressure.

Runs on WiFi Connection

Our wireless sensors operate on a standard WiFi network in the very same way that a laptop or other wireless smart device works. As a result, the measured data is always available in real-time, with a data transfer rate of up to 54Mbits/sec. By using small amounts of bandwidth, it doesn’t interrupt any other connected devices, which means your business operations can continue without any network issues.

Cost Effective

The technology has been refined to keep costs down. For example, by incorporating IOT technology, we keep the overall cost of the condition monitoring process as low as possible.

Flexible Modes of Operations Available

Each product in the WiVib Range comes with three flexible modes of operations, which allow you to get the most out of your sensors. These three are continuous, wakeup, and surveillance, each of which can be set by a software command which is sent to the device from the host.

  • Continuous Mode: In continuous mode, the WiVib takes constant measurements and streams the results back to the host device in real time. We recommend using this mode sparingly as the battery will drain faster than other situations. While more data may seem like a default setting, it doesn’t always improve the accuracy and reliability of both your measurements and your machinery.
  • Wakeup Mode: The WiVib device is given a start time to acquire its first measurement, after which measurements are taken at subsequent intervals. Data is then transferred back to the host device during each interval irrespective of its current value.
  • Surveillance Mode: This mode is similar to wakeup mode because measurements are taken at intervals. However, the results are automatically compared against preset alert levels, which allows any measurements that exceed the preset levels to be transferred immediately to the host. This reduces the amount of collected data, while also maximising the battery life of the device.

Multiple Platform Use

The WiVib range operate on PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smart phones, providing real-time access that allows you to keep tabs on machine performance whenever you want. This also means you can stay updated on your machinery in remote locations or when you are off-site.

A Sensor for Every Need

The WiVib family is a comprehensive series of sensors for every machine monitoring task. Not only does this meet the need for diverse applications, but it also allows you to find the right device consistent with your unique requirements. The range includes the following products:

  • WiVib‐11:  temperature only
  • WiVib‐12:  speed measurement
  • WiVib‐21:  overall vibration and temperature
  • WiVib-31: high resolution spectrum, bearing condition, overalls and temperature

Expandability & Future Proofing

The WiVib range is virtually limitless when it comes to expansion capabilities. Its robust and sophisticated software development comes paired with a strong stainless-steel casing that protects the sensors. Combined with constantly advancing WiFi technology, it is an incredibly future proof way of measuring your machine’s performance metrics.

More Information

If you’re looking for more information about the WiVib range, check out our free downloadable datasheet.

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