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The Benefits of Guardian Monitoring Software

Guardian is a fully featured monitoring software package for rotating machinery and other types of plants, handling both dynamic measurements, like vibration, and process measurements such as temperatures and pressures. We designed it specifically so that it could monitor plants without any drastic operator involvement and intervention required. As a result, it’s power, flexibility, and applicability are second to none. Here are a few of the unique and powerful benefits of the Guardian Monitoring Software.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

As we mentioned before, our Guardian monitoring software is meant to be simple to operate and above all, doesn’t require a huge amount of input from operators. All the most important elements are easily viewed on the dashboard, which show the overall plant status. Additionally, you can record your own notes and observations, which will be added to a log of activity that can always be retrieved and viewed. As a result, you can combine this form of monitoring with any visual inspections that are conducted on the machinery in question.

There’s a useful “traffic light” display at the foot of the screen that clearly shows the status of all the measurement points. It lets you analyse and keep an eye on machine problems and makes sure you’re aware of any issues. Once a problem is detected, you can easily navigate into the specific measurement screen that pinpoints exactly which area needs to be looked at.

Trending & Identifying Problems

This brings us to the next point: what happens when a problem is detected? Normally the first consideration is to find out how long it can be left running. Trending helps to assess the rate of deterioration and can make comparisons with other situations, using previous data in the process. This means that the predictions and figures are very much based on past performance and grounded in facts and figures. Furthermore, the software can be configured so that an automatic email is sent whenever the system is down or when there are issues, which means troubleshooting is now quick and painless.

Analysis Tools

The beauty of guardian software is that problems can be investigated thoroughly once they are identified. Comparing it with historical data and view updates in real time, gives you the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Not only is it easy and accessible, but it works the way you need it to. That way, you don’t have to reconfigure anything if machinery does need your attention. Instead, you can focus on the task at hand.

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