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WiVib Family Condition Monitoring Units: A Brief Overview

WiVib Family Condition Monitoring Units

Complex condition monitoring technology has never been so easy to use. In this blog, we want to give a brief overview of one of the most innovative new products on the market today – the WiVib wireless monitoring systems. When it comes to monitoring, data retrieval, and analysis, the WiVib units excel at providing accessibility and visibility at the same time. By delving into the features of these products, we hope to show that condition monitoring is not only an excellent choice for businesses, but it’s also an affordable and plausible one.

High-quality results for any budget possible

Most arguments against the installation of a condition monitoring unit usually begin with a cost analysis. The proponents of traditional monitoring techniques usually refer to high initial installation costs as the primary reason for avoiding new condition monitoring technologies. This divide means monitoring techniques usually fall into two categories: walk-around data collectors and online systems. Recently, the increased reliability and configurability of online systems has led to a gradual rise in the number of companies willing to use this technology.

This is where the WiVib family comes into play. The fact that these products offer both ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity means that installation can be configured depending on the budget. This ensures that the most important machinery is always monitored and that you can tailor-make the condition monitoring solution to your unique situation.

Connections that work for your business

This dual connection possibility means that your business doesn’t need to make invasive and expensive changes just to get your system up and running. Another benefit is that they each have unique advantages and applications, which will vary depending on the network security elements and whether you will be deploying your system in a remote location. If you’re curious about the specific applications and scenarios that could be relevant to your business – don’t worry, we’ll explore this topic a bit more in future blogs.

Configuring the way measurements are made

WiVib’s can operate in two modes, namely continuous and wakeup. This depends on whether your system is being powered by a DC power supply or whether it runs on batteries. If the latter is applicable to your situation, you can use wakeup mode to conserve battery power, as the WiVib will use its internal clock to take readings at set times of the day, which can vary from one minute to one day. This means that you don’t have to worry about sudden power outages or battery draining issues – which all means that the accuracy and reliability of your readings will never be in question.

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The WiVib line is arguably the most advanced condition monitoring solution currently on the market. And where other systems are noticeably rigid, the WiVib excels at providing a customisable and configurable solution for all kinds of businesses. The beauty of it all is that you no longer have to ‘fetch’ data, if you will. Instead, it comes to you – empowering your business with a new level of analysis and insight like new before. Check out our informative brochures for more information about this product.


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