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How condition monitoring can save you time and money

Condition monitoring is an incredibly innovative solution to the growing problem of rising maintenance costs and valuable machine down-time. The overarching principle revolves around the ability to assess and analyse equipment status, monitor potential replacements and, ultimately, avoid large-scale failures before they happen.

While this may sound like a logical and obvious stance to take, it has only recently become plausible, thanks to the constant innovation and new technologies that are driving this niche sector forward.

Controlling the uncertain

By using innovative wireless systems, this method of condition monitoring can be set up in the most remote of locations. Furthermore, they often come with incredibly powerful analytical tools and monitoring software, which allows you to pool all this data into cohesive reports, all in real-time. This provides overviews of potential maintenance costs and allows businesses to plan out repairs and scheduling, giving them the opportunity to liaise with various external parties in the process.

Essentially this technology ensures that machinery-based equipment in remote locations is no longer at the mercy of situational elements. Indeed, they manage to take back some of the control that is so often surrendered to environmental factors, poor weather conditions, inefficient maintenance schedules, and unpredictable equipment.

As a result, they are ideal for remote windfarms, oil rigs, petrochemical companies, and large production facilities. The sheer cost of, for example, dragging the necessary components for potential repairs out to off-shore windfarms alone would scare most governments and companies from investing in this sustainable energy. However, with the advent of predictive maintenance, a lot of these concerns are a thing of the past.

Investing in the future

While the initial investment of condition monitoring systems and software may seem steep, this will guarantee long-term financial stability, as well as providing crucial assurances that your machinery will work when and how you need it to.

Recent research suggests that faulty components and machine down-time costs over £180 billion every year. This staggering (and completely avoidable) statistic alone should surely be enough to convince any business of the merits of condition monitoring. This technology has the power to eliminate the need for large-scale, unplanned mechanical interventions and long, disruptive down-times. As a result, it has been championed as the answer to long-standing poor maintenance problems leading to things like oil spills, petrochemical leaks, food wastage, machinery faults, equipment failures, and even environmental catastrophes.

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