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Ground breaking WiVib-8/8 pro data acquisition unit launched

WiVib-8/8 pro data acquisition unit launchedIcon Research is delighted to announce the launch of its new 16 channel data acquisition unit. This latest addition to the WiVib family operates on both ethernet and WiFi 802.11b/g/n standards. It offers simultaneous sampling on 8 dynamic channels at 24 bit resolution and up to 102.4kHz sample rate with 12800 spectral line resolution. There are an additional 8 DC channels for measuring process parameters such as temperature and static pressure. Accelerometers with temperature output can be connected directly to the units enabling vibration, bearing condition and bearing temperature to be measured. Bearing condition uses the built-in demodulator or “enveloper” as it is sometimes called.

The dynamic inputs are also compatible with standard eddy current (proximity) probes allowing direct measurement of displacement, including gap voltage.

Digital and analog trigger inputs offer flexible trigger options and allow synchronized measurements to be taken. The triggers can also be configured to operate tachometer inputs, PLL’s for ordered spectra and gates for conditional start of measurements.

The unit can be powered by two internal ‘D’ sized batteries or a DC supply in the range 10-30Vdc.

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