A New On-Line Diesel Doctor System – DK-200

The DK-200 is a powerful combustion system that allows you to continuously monitor your engines.  With its powerful real-time software, operators can have any issues alerted as they happen.  Any number of engines can be monitored with continuous updates to the computer screen.  The Doctor analysis suite is incorporated for detailed analysis of engine performance and condition.

Although the previous instrument (DK-2) is well loved by Marine and Power Plant engineers the DK-20 is smaller, lighter, smarter, easier to use and takes more accurate readings than its predecessor.
The new version 6 software is a complete re-write and is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Although the same general feel of the previous generation of software has been maintained many enhancements have been included to improve ease of use. The Diagnostic Reporter has been improved such that engine analysis reports can be viewed instantaneously. The ability to compare and analyse propeller curves and shop/sea trial data is now also possible.
Your existing DK-2 based system can be upgraded to work with the The system has been developed with complete engine surveillance and flexibility in mind. As such 24 input channels are available which allows the addition of inputs from other instrumentation to read parameters such as exhaust temperature, vibration inputs and fuel flow/temperature simultaneously with cylinder or fuel pressure readings.new version 6 softwarPlease contact us for details.

The system has been developed with complete engine surveillance and flexibility in mind. Up to 24 input channels are measured simultaneously to provide a snapshot of all cylinders at one time.  Additional parameters such as scavenge pressure and exhaust gas temperature can also be monitored.

Installation is simple with all hardware contained in a single rugged box.  Two versions of the DK-200 are available, one measuring 12 channels and one measuring 24 channels.  So engines with up to 24 cylinders, in-line or V-configuration, can be handled with ease.  A full colour local touch screen makes setup easy and provides “easy to view” status screens in the engine room. All input data is gathered at the front-end, is processed and fed via an ethernet link to a hub which can network multiple systems. The hub is connected to a PC in the control room which runs the software application to display and diagnose engine reading from one or more DK-200’s in real-time.

An overall summary screen displays the status of all engines being monitored with a traffic light system using pre-determined programmable thresholds. If an issue is identified the user can “drill-down” to examine a specific engine or cylinder using the powerful Doctor analysis tools.

Click here to download the DK-200 brochure.