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WiVibTrend Lite

WiVibTrend Lite provides the user with the means to configure measurements, and provides a simple display of the data that has been taken. It makes use of an embedded copy of the WiVib Server to control the sampling process.

The OPC Server component of WiVibTrend Lite allows the contents of the samples taken to be easily exported to external systems by means of the standard OPC interface.

When enabled, the OPC server runs in the background of WiVibTrend Lite, and provides OPC tags for the information that is provided by WiVibTrend Lite locally.

Using this method the integrator has just to configure his existing OPC clients to request the required tags from the WiVibTrend Lite OPC Server.

The structure and contents of these tags can be found in the WiVibTrend Lite OPC DA Server Data Dictionary, and include:

  • Status information for all levels of the system hierarchy;
  • Values, and alarm status, for all of the trends;
  • Traces for both time domain and spectrum measurements;
  • Status information for the WiVibs and sensors to detect failures in the monitoring equipment.