Wireless Monitoring

Wireless MonitoringWiVib-4/4 Pro: Multi-Channel Wireless WiFi Acquisition Unit

WiVib-4/4 Pro: Multi-Channel Wireless WiFi Acquisition Unit
General Description: The WiVib-4/4 Pro from Icon Research is a wireless multi-channel vibration monitoring device that operates on the universal WiFi 802.11b/g standard. This new device offers simultaneous sampling on its four dynamic channels at 24-bit resolution and up to 102.4 kHz sample rate with 12800...

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Wireless MonitoringWiVibTrend Lite

WiVibTrend Lite
WiVibTrend Lite WiVibTrend Lite provides the user with the means to configure measurements, and provides a simple display of the data that has been taken. It makes use of an embedded copy of the WiVib Server to control the sampling process. The OPC Server component...

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Wireless Monitoring

Imagine a flexible network system that can be used to gather vital information on your machinery. One that can be incorporated into your existing Ethernet networks in the plant and that can be accessed locally or remotely. Imagine this can be set up by anyone who knows how to set up an Ethernet system and imagine it is so affordable that it can fit into your budget with ease.
You are now thinking of ICONET on Ethernet.