Diesel Engine Analysis

DK 20 home
  • DK-20 Portable Doctor
  • DK-200 On-Line System
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Wireless Monitoring

  • WiVib-4/4 Pro
  • WiVibTrend Lite
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Online Monitoring

  • ITA-1
  • ITA-2
  • ITATrend Lite
  • Guardian Software
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Welcome to Icon Research

Icon Research specialises in the fields of diesel engine performance analysis and vibration-based machinery condition monitoring. We can rightly claim to be leaders in these areas due to our highly regarded DOCTOR, ITA, WiVib and GUARDIAN product lines.

We invite you take a look around our website and see how we can help to solve your machinery monitoring problems.  You will find state-of-the-art hardware solutions that are easy to install and operate, and easy to use software that links in with a range of 'enterprise' maintenance management tools.  We believe in offering our customers what they really want – not what we would like them to have.  We would be happy to discuss your application if you think we can help.

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